Gun Cabinets

The cabinets are designed for gun and ammunition storage with optional attack or fire protection. There are three main variants:
Type 5P can hold up to 5 rifles/shotguns with a vertical section holding 5 ammunition compartments
Type 5PK which has an additional compartment with a separate lock for storing handguns. Type F10HS is a new fireproof cabinet for collectors and avid sportsmen. The fireproof cabinet protects all valuable weapons, ammo and accessories, while the built-in high-security category V B802 protects money, documents and valuables.
All types have triple layer doors, with suitable ribs and safe locks with three side locking bolts. Two openings are designed for anchoring.

Model Dimensions Weight
External Amo compartment width Gun compartment height
H B L b h
5P 1300 350 170 0 95
5PK 1500 350 170 200 115