Type ED

The safe is designed for small bank offices where there are no special facilities equipped as a civilian vault. The safe has a certificate of resistance level V according to EN 1143-1, in which modular deposit safes with unlocking mode “bank authorization-one-time unlocking and locking of the client” are installed. The outer door is completed with at least two locks class B on the EN 1300.

It complies with the BNB regulation №8121з-444 on the safes.

Model Dimensions Internal dimensions Assembly area Weight
Height Width Depth Height Width Depth Width Depth
H B L H1 B1 L1 B K
ED1 1900 900 650 1722 722 426 1600 1430 1800
ED2 1800 900 650 1622 722 426 1600 1430 1600