Vault Panels

Panel type S models S-C.H.B are designed for increasing the resistance under the terms of EN 1143-1:1997 for existing or newly built vaults. Panels of the type S represent solid, multilayer, welded construction realized with steel and high-density concrete providing excellent protection against attacks. Our panels are certified at V category of resistance under EN 1143-1:1997. In the model notation S-C.H.B H represents the height of the panel in mm, B – width in mm while C denotes the resistance under the EN 1143-1:1997 standard. In example model S-5.1800.550 denotes a type S panel with 5 category of resistance height of 1800 mm and width 550 mm.

1000 300
1200 350
1400 400
1600 450
1800 500
2000 550
2200 600
2400 650